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Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
Robert, I wasn't pushing one engine over the other. So I guess I was right when I said it's not a penny less than $30k. I still think it is way too much to spend 40-50% of the cost of the vehicle in mods. JMO If it's not a secret then why not list the price on the their website like Dinan(we all know is more expensive with everything they sell, but at least they are open about their pricing)? I know the RD is a great buy 'relatively' speaking. My only point was that expecting Dinan, or anybody else for that matter(RD), to offer this setup for $10k is unrealistic, that's all. BTW, like mentioned above the Dinan engine is now $22,999

If recovery of investment is part of the equation, I'm sure 12K, they would sell 2x - 3x more kits then at 22K. I'm curious how much of the 22K is parts and how much is research and development recovery.
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