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yeah i assumed that being the whole motor was taken out, i just liked the fact dinan gives you a 4/50 warranty with it. i wasn't sure what RD's was but i was sure you would get some kind of warranty with it like you just stated. what is RD's by the way with the stroker??

i always liked that the other Dinan mods were never an issue with warranty for me. i had a Dinan S2 E46 M and a Dinan E39 S2 M and never had a problem ever going to the dealer for warranty work. where other friends of mine always talked trash about dinan and got other mods and always always had issues when bringing there cars in for warranty work. me personally wouldn't want the headaches. i know they have to prove the mod caused the issue but fact is there wasn't one time they didn't have probelms at the dealer and even mod happy dealers. and half the time after all the fighting they didn't cover what there problem was

i know the stroker puts everything into another category though as it is a whole new motor etc

how is that beast by the way?? any regrets?? i'm sure you don't as why wouldn't it be awesome lol



Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Keep in mind, you lose your BMW motor warranty with your Dinan stroker -- in the same manner you lose your motor warranty with the RD Sport stroker. Both companies pick up the motor warranty themselves. So don't be lulled into the misbelief that you still have your factory MOTOR warranty with your Dinan stroker -- because you don't.
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