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Originally Posted by ecksreturns View Post
Start a new thread for pics right?

And I will be going for matte black or textured black, as it is called, with a white pin stripe. Wondering if a red strip would be good idea, since the brake calipers will be red as well?
Yes, start a new thread with your new wheel/tire combo.

Matte Black or Textured Black sounds interesting.

Actually, you may be right about the red pinstripe idea.

Trying to keep a white pinstripe looking "white" will be nearly impossible after a few months. (road grime and other contaminates) It will likely start to look yellow after a while. I have seen that happen before to a few guys that went for a custom white wheel lip finish. That color is not very street friendly.

That color only works for show/promotional cars that are rarely driven. It looks great but it is not very practical for a daily driver.
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