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Originally Posted by Forged DST View Post
What none of you are REALIZING is that SIMON LAM having all those cars is not going to wash them himself. It would take a few days a week to wash all those cars...My point is that if he is not the one washing his cars, he can not control a car washer using any spray of his choice on the wheels. SIMON LAM we have offered you warranty work to remedy your problem, go ahead and send the wheels already. As soon as I receive the wheels I will have them back out in 5 business days. I will also work on getting you the reimbursement. Please contact me. Emilio
Horrible response my friend. U have no clue what he does and doesnt do. For all u know he can have a private detailer in his home 5 days a week. And with that stable of cars, i wouldnt doubt it one bit. I bring my cars to the same hand detailing place all the time. Never EVER, have they once sprayed anyhting on my wheels other then soap and water. ull b surprised how far a good tip goes.