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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
Listen, I dont give 2 shits to protect 360's reputation. But between myself and my friends, we have ordered close to 10 sets of wheels, and NOT ONE set with chrome lips has any of those issues or problems. Not even beginning to, and some (like mine were almost 2 years old). I did however have an issue with 1 of the 4 rim's clearcoat peeled after about a year, and 360 fixed them. Free of charge and they were perfect until I recently painted them black now at a local rim shop.

Anyways, Im not a 360 fanboy but at the end of the day - their customer service was (perhaps IS) SHIT, but they always treated me right and I still believe their wheels are a good quality wheel overall. Because if you think about how many people have these rims, and then how many have problems like you. I would say it is an isolated problem so far.
I highly doubt Mr. Lam would lie about what he is using on his wheels. Just like i highly doubt he wouldnt know what to use. I mean look at his stable of cars and aftermarket products. I have never mentioned this, but I also had issues with my 360's finish when I bought them, actually, the day i received them, I went to my shop to install them, and while i was wiping them down the finish started to peel in certain spots. This was all within 3 hours of having the wheels. They did refinish them, but thats when i decided those wheels were not for me. So Mr. Lam, I dont think this is a rare occasion, its happened before.

Forged Distributing, Im not saying this is your fault, I dont even know if those wheels he bought were already made from when 360 had them. The problems may be resolved now, but when 360 was in the picture, this kind of stuff happened to a number of ppl, me being one of them.