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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
I don't think I've ever doubted you or what you know, but 60-90k ? you can buy a complete M5 for that. who would spend that on a motor alone?
The one thing people seem to forget is that other people DO NOT have the same tastes & styles that others might have. I personally HATED the look of the M5 when it first came has grown on me, but still I don't like it as much as I like the look of the E9x M3. So doing something like the V10 or Stroker V8 would allow someone to keep the look of the car they love & make it more of a beast at the same time. That said, there is also the "I HAVE THIS UNIQUE CAR" concept & feeling you get for doing something like this!

I personally was victim to this, unfortunately. Back in '04 I bought an AEV (American Expidition Vehicle) 5.7L Hemi Rubicon, the VERY FIRST one to a customer & was so modded out from out of the box, it was a $73K Jeep Rubicon!!! I was big into off-roading as much as I'm into ///M3s. I'm not telling this to brag, but to bring light to what you are saying. In hind sight, it was a waste of money (I sold it this past July for $23k) but it turned heads & EVERY person that saw or heard it was insanely jealous & loving it at the same time. THAT is what you get for paying for something like this.

I'm a little in the same boat with my Dinan S3-R E46 M3...I origionally wanted to have an unique street drivable show car...Believe me, there is more than the origional price of the car put into it in mods when all is said & done! I wouldn't get anything near what I would like if I sold it, so I'm gonna be tracking it more now, unless I do decide to sell it. In hind sight, I wish I would have just bought a slightly used 360 Modena for how much I put into it, but when I was in the moment buying the mods, it sure felt great & I didn't care about the cost...economy was much better then too!!!

That is the exact feeling someone who does this will have when they do this...But YES, they will probably regret it later! But hay, we love to mod our cars. If we wanted to really be thrifty with money, we wouldn't be driving what we do.
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