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Originally Posted by Forged DST View Post
Hello everyone, my name is Emilio and I am the new Sales Director for Forged Distributing, Inc. I am not here to excuse the actions of 360 Forged or the previous staff. I am here though to shed some light on the inaccurate rumors that are spreading on the forums. First of all, we are not Forged Collection. FC was the retail store that the previous owner Jordan Swerdloff attempted to launch a few months ago locally and online as Wheel Executives. This is not hear say, this is reality. The business which was located at 10501 S. Dixie HWY in Miami, Fl. is now closed. The landlord told me it was due to non-payment of the lease for 3 months.

Secondly, ADV.1 is not affiliated with Forged Distributing (360 Forged, Modular Concept, System Forged). ADV.1 is a Miami based wheel company that launched shortly after Forged Collection opened their doors. There has been a lot of variations of who owns ADV.1. Bottom line, Jordan designed the wheels, uses his personal car for all the photo shoots and handles all the money for them. You can fill in the gaps with your own assumptions. There is no company on record that has yet to claim ownership of the ADV.1 line. Yes, the designs are very clean and well executed, but not too many wheels have been delivered, so proceed with caution.

Lastly, EVERY SINGLE order that was on back order has now been delivered. There is not a single customer from the previous ownership that has not received their order. They either received a refund or got their product. In regards to Mr. Simon Lam, wheel bolts were never included with your order. I am sorry that you feel that you were cheated on your order, but you were never told anything differently. Concerning your issues with the quality of the wheels, if you feel you have a legitimate claim for warranty please send me pics of your wheels to and we will warranty your wheels no question asked. Now there is an issue with some ex-employees promising 10% refunds once wheels were delivered, to buy themselves more time. They never had any intentions of delivering product or reimbursing the customers with that 10%. We will work with you, but please, STOP with the threats of going to every single forum, trolling our threads and telling us that you are going to make us pay in court. We have resolved so many issues from the previous ownership. We would not have a problem resolving your concerns. Please contact me.

I hope this helps, if there are any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to call me at (305) 255-5166 or send me an email at

Thank you for clearing some things up and being honest.

So basically this confirms that Jordan has nothing to do with forged distributing but does in fact play a big role in ADV.1.....