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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
I've been below freezing with no problem. They aren't as sticky at low temps, but just drive accordingly. Keep your PS2s until they are done. Don't put all seasons on a M3, they will be a huge compromise and you will lose grip. Putting cheap tires on an M3 is like wearing 10 year old worn out sneakers with an Armani suit.

You especially don't need all season tires or anything but summer tires in El Paso.
Thanks man; will keep them then. After that, I don't know. I was talking about just the next step below 'summer max performance', which is 'ultra high-performance all-season'. More than enough for a car that won't be tracked. Following your Armani suit analogy, it'd be like wearing it to eat at McDonalds . I need something quieter man; the roar from these tires on the crappy highways here is deafening. And wouldn't mind longer tread life either. The good thing is that even when I go to the mountains, I make sure it hasn't snowed.

It's the same thing as motorcycle tires. No need to use a sport tire when a sport-touring one has all the grip you need, plus they last a lot longer. Take care, and thanks again for your recommendation.