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Originally Posted by wafik View Post
Congrats! Im after the remus, i want the race, sounds so raw but i dont want the drone....might get the sport one as its got no drone, sounds good too!!
Thanks Dude!

I wasn't too sure about the drone myself after the first run back from the garage, but took her out last night for a blast Hardly any drone when having fun but round town there is a very noticeable drone between 2 - 3rpm

Luckily I don't do a lot of urban mileage, in fact I don't do much mileage at all, so I can live with it. If I had to travel in and out of town every day then I would probably be booking it back in the garage for stock or sport!

I guess it's like living with the missus, get through the daily drone and the excitement will kick in every now and then