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Now here is a totally useless reply that offers no advice but does rip everyone else....I wanted him to be aware of how to cut off the offending person if he was unable to limit the bandwith given that it is near impossible with a home network router..take a chill pill bud...

Also, check out this bandwith throttling software for the Linksys: "Sveasoft is committed to improving wireless technology through the development of firmware upgrades for popular wireless routers. With our aftermarket upgrades your Linksys WRT54G or GS router becomes more than just an access point. It is a powerful multi-function device including a firewall, bandwidth manager, VPN server, wireless access point, Ethernet switch, vlan manager, and much, much more"

Good luck!

Originally Posted by teknochild
wtf is up with these replies, try actually reading the OPs post not just reading "router help" and "limit wireless connection" do you do that in real life too, just listen to the first few words that come out of your girlfriends mouth and then wonder why she slaps you because you heard "like it from behind" (this is directed at scarabeo and just4kickz)

hes asking if he can limit the bandwith of the other users using the wireless router not how to prevent anyone from acessing it

to be actually helpfull in the matter, does the person know what your trying to do or are you doing it behind his back? if he knows it would be easiest to do it via software on his pc (though im sure he could disable it if he wanted) most routers dont have any way to limit bandwith to certain IPs though there are some

and let me throw a guess out, your little brother is downloading pron while your trying to frag people in CS? im so right arent i, but wtf your playing CS over wireless? that sucks

also you meen you want to limit it to 56Kb not 560Kb right? you would have a monster connection if 560Kb was just a small slice of your bandwith

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