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No matter how much you want to say that it's straight-line vs. cornering in BMW's favor, the stock C6 Z06 did a 7:43 at Nurburgring, and the stock ZR1 variant did it in 7:26, both on stock run-flat tires. No stock BMW has broken 8 minutes, even with Horst von Saurma at the wheel.

The "pure performance" argument is no contest in favor of Corvette. Ironically, Corvette also wins the fuel economy contest, and it weighs nearly 500 lbs less, with 200+ more HP at the top of the food chain, and 100 at the Z06 level. Now, if you want to talk about what is the better all-around street daily-driver, I'm with you on the M3.

I currently use an E93 M3 as my daily-driver, and I've also owned a C6 Z06, which was more trouble-free and easier to maintain than any BMW I've ever owned.

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