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So I just had this service (2nd oil change; first change since 1200mi service) and wanted to inform people what was done on my car.

Actual Mileage: 15742 miles
-Engine Oil Service (Oil and filter change)
-Standard Scope
-Replace Engine Air Filter

In my case, they did not change the microfilter. I asked them about it and showed them my service manual, which states, on page 8:

Maintenance work:
>Replace ventilation microfilter (not shown in the CBS, but coincides with each Engine Oil Service)

The shop foreman took a look, and they double checked everything and printed out this page from their system which did not state the filter had to be changed.

Anyway, on the hunt for the facts, I call BMWNA (800-831-1117) and speak to a nice girl that wants to help. I give her the low down, she does some research, has to speak to a case handler, etc. The case owner checks my service records and sees that the microfilter was replaced last November (1200mi service) and concludes that it is probably still fine. They state that the filters can be inspected and that they usually do not need to be changed any earlier than 12 months, and many times can be extended to 24. She goes onto state that if I would like it replaced, she is sure that the dealer would do it for me.

In any event, I'm going to get an oil change in 8-10k anyway, so I'll just have them do it then. The air quality in the cabin is ok.

I told her that it was frustrating to have to spend time clarifying something like this on a BMW. She agreed and apologized and said she would submit feedback which is sent to the executive team. I told her that I thought the problem was with BMW and their documentation/dealership service systems and not the dealer in question.

No big deal.