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Originally Posted by TUNEDM3 View Post
I will be bringing the car in on Wed to see what the story is. I think this is a problem that has slowly made its presence known. I have had the car for a year and have about 14k miles on it. It would boil over alot at autox and track events(even at times on the street), but at the last autox I began to hear a whine from the power steering after a run. Once the car cooled down it went away. This time I heard the whine after my first run and then by the end of the second run the whine was gone and so was the steering.
Reading your post, and just realized that the noise I experienced multiple times at the end of some really hard sessions may not be the front tires picking up lots of rubber on the track, but the PS itself.

I had some whining, murmuring noise coming form the front when I was in a thight turn at the end of the sessions. I asumed I had slight imbalance of the front wheels due to lots of rubber deposition picked up on the track. But your post makes me rethink my theory. Mainly because as you said the whole scenario changed after the car cooled down. I bet it is PS overheated.