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I did call some time ago, and the "operator" would not connect me with anyone, and told me to email instead. No, I did not argue with the operator and insist on speaking with someone at that point.

I don't need to find out what happened to Greg's check to determine if the people responding to our emails/questions lied to us because I was told that my submission was processed, and that they were cutting the checks, and that I "should be seeing my check shortly". That was over 4 weeks ago. So if they were indeed cutting my check and I was supposed to receive it "shortly", where is it? Did mine get lost in the email as well? What are the chances of both my and Greg's checks getting lost in the mail? Not 0, but close. How long does it take to cut a check and mail it out? 5 weeks? What about the rest of the people who posted in this thread?