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Scottwww, you are really an unashamed fear mongerer. I have a question, in your scenario that 'Israel is forced to attack' Iran, and Iran responds to the attack and a larger scale war breaks out in the Middle East, which of course we will be drawn into, will you blame Israel for attacking or Iran for retaliating.

How about trying to stop such a scenario in the first place? Countries are capable of coming to agreements for peace. Yes its not unheard of, you dont have to bomb everyone that doesn't agree with you. This isn't the united world of america. But what am I saying, psshh.. that peace thing is only for liberal hippies.

How is the IAEA mullah friendly? Just because they don't accept the crazyness that came out of the Bush white house for the last 8 years and rather made their own investigations and assertions? Or maybee because the head of the IAEA has a middle eastern name and so its just racism. I've personally worked with the IAEA on multiple projects (they dont just deal with "nuclear weapons in Iran" as most of the morons here probably believe) and its a highly professional organization with some of the brightest minds from around the world.

Again, where are the facts in all this? Demagoguery needs to be sapped out of the political debate any time in pops up, and right now you are the kingpin of it here on this forum.