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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
So the Aftersales Training document that says it has an "oil condition sensor" is wrong?
It's 'Condition Based SYSTEM' (CBS). There's no oil quality sensors anywhere man, or you wouldn't need anything else, nor you'd have to 'reset' anything. Makes sense???
The algorithm used relies on many inputs, like number of ignition cycles, engine rpms, etc., which is fine for somebody who doesn't keep track of maintenance (plus helps dealers make money), but those algorithms will never take into account if you live in a dusty place, or many other situations. There have been numerous oil analyses done by many owners showing additive package already depleted by 7.5K miles, which means your oil can't neutralize acids anymore, can't absorb any more contaminants, etc. THAT is my worry, not viscosity breakdown, especially with 10/60 oil. And no comercially available sensor can determine that... yet (only viscosity, which is used in some diesel big rigs, but it has many limitations).

Nothing wrong with following the manual (or CBS), but I won't. An oil change at 7.5K miles seems to be the perfect balance between environmental consciousness and engine longevity. Take care.