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Smile Dyno Posted Pg 2: Brilliant White DINAN Mid-Pipe Install/Review

Finally installed the much anticipated DINAN Mid-Pipe and matching software update. I already had DINAN exhaust, diff 3.62, springs and performance software, so once I heard that DINAN was coming out with one I just waited. I chose Ultimate Auto Works in North Scottsdale to perform the installation as they are the only authorized DINAN dealer in the North Phoenix area. I spoke with Greg Dalgarn, owner of Ultimate Auto Works to place the order and he kept me well informed of when the DINAN Mid-Pipe would be available, shipped and ready for installation. Greg worked with my schedule to perform the installation first thing on a Friday morning. The entire installation took about 4 hours including the installation of the Mid-Pipe Software, which is required by DINAN. This will eliminate the CEL as there are no cats with this mid-pipe setup.

The Review: When the car was first fired up it had the same deep note as before with only the DINAN rear exhaust, but when the RPM's were increased the beast was unleashed. At higher RPM's, above 6000, it screams like a race car. The sound was exactly what I was looking for. There is some slight odor as there are no cats.
Once on the street there is an immediate difference from before. It feels like there is more power right off the line. Through every gear in the DCT the car just continues to pull hard. I personally could not feel the dip that DINAN has stated, but a future dyno may show it. The downshifts are now more apparent as there is more sound from the exhaust now. It almost sounded like there was rev-matching throttle-blip downshifts similar to my old SMG-II E46 m3, which I loved.
With over 100 miles since the installation I am completely happy with my choice and look forward to every mile I drive. There is no drone and under normal city driving you will not even notice a difference in tone. However, if you decide to get on it, everyone will definitely know that you mean business.

Special Thanks to Greg Dalgarn and Ultimate Auto Works in North Scottsdale for the installation. I highly recommend them and their shop.

On to the Pics! (sorry they are with my iPhone)

Here are some shots of the stock mid-pipes.

Here are some side by side pics of DINAN vs. Stock

Here is the DINAN mid-pipe installed

This was the only sight modification necessary. The heat shield portion of the tranny cover needed to be trimmed to allow for the o2 sensors to clear.

Video: Sorry this is the only video for now. (also with iPhone)

Hope you have enjoyed as I am loving every minute of it.
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