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Originally Posted by shpirate87 View Post
Did you get this crap from the same place you "learned" that the 9/11 hijackers did not believe that Islam ordered them to do it?

The missile defense system consisted of TEN (10) interceptors in Poland. It posed absolutely no threat to Russia's missile arsenal which numbers in the hundreds.

As for Iran, what purpose do you believe their missile (and nuclear) program serves? Don't be stupid.

The bottom line is that Russia wants to reassert its influence over its former captive nations and despite our pledges to the people of those nations we are rolling over.
Rhetoric and demagoguery don't work on me. I'm not afraid of Islam, that word doesn't make me suddenly shake in fear. I know its hard for you, but leave that crap at the door.

Show me FACTS or at least a reasoned argument as to what you believe the Iranian, or any country's ballistic missile projects are for. They are for the same purpose as our system is for. DEFENSE. We have by far the most advanced missile systems in the world. How many wars or conflicts can you name in which we used missiles as our means to project power? This is the part where education or an IQ above 90 comes into play. Again, missiles are an adjunct used as part of an offensive force, they are not a primary means to project power. If that was the case, Hamas would rule Israel right now with their 1000s of rockets they have fired into Israel.

Russia is not re-asserting anything. They are just reminding us of the lines we agreed to draw a long time ago. If Russia wanted to re-assert influence they wouldn't be worried about Georgia and would rather be cozying up to Cuba and Venezuela in a big way. Which they are not doing and will not do because that is not their foreign policy. Are you oblivious to the world outside of the USA and terrorism?? Do you have any kind of upper level education what so ever?

Don't get me wrong, the day that a missile defense system is perfected and lives up to the word 'shield' and can reliably destroy any inbound target, I will be the very first to say treaties be damned and put the system up. But as it stands now, an imperfect system that emboldens foreign countries to arm against us is not exactly a smart thing. Thats an understatement.