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Originally Posted by DaveO View Post
Regarding the missile shield, there are no secret backdoor deals, nothing amazing about it. Its geopolitics 101. If you went through first year of college you should be able to easily see why this decision was made. Obama can't openly say why because the American public has been conditioned over 8 years to believe that somehow this missile shield will protect us. It will take some time to educate people that this is a lie from the very beginning...
Did you get this crap from the same place you "learned" that the 9/11 hijackers did not believe that Islam ordered them to do it?

The missile defense system consisted of TEN (10) interceptors in Poland. It posed absolutely no threat to Russia's missile arsenal which numbers in the hundreds.

As for Iran, what purpose do you believe their missile (and nuclear) program serves? Don't be stupid.

The bottom line is that Russia wants to reassert its influence over its former captive nations and despite our pledges to the people of those nations we are rolling over.