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Michael Savage? Can you invoke the name of anymore of an uneducated fanatic? I can't believe you would actually use Mr. Savage as a source for background information on geopolitics. Wow.

Regarding the missile shield, there are no secret backdoor deals, nothing amazing about it. Its geopolitics 101. If you went through first year of college you should be able to easily see why this decision was made. Obama can't openly say why because the American public has been conditioned over 8 years to believe that somehow this missile shield will protect us. It will take some time to educate people that this is a lie from the very beginning.

Regardless, back to the 101 part. The reason for this decision is simple. Russia has made it very clear that they are in no way shape or form interested in an adversarial relationship with the USA or returning to the cold war. They have made it clear they will not encroach in the least bit on any American spheres of influence and have asked us to respect the same. We violated that agreement with the issues in Kosovo and worse with this entanglement with Georgia. Georgia not only being part of the Russian sphere of influence for a former member of the USSR, that was a red line for them. Russia decided to make it very public and clear. As you may or may not remember, they went to war with Georgia and they demolished anything Georgia possessed via foreign aid. President Bush decided to bluff the Russians and they called it. It was a clear message that was not lost even on President Bush.

Russia was in effect saying "stop arming people that hate us, because then we will have to arm against them and you have another cold war on your hands". How does the missile shield factor into this? The official line is to protect Europe and US from Iranian missiles. This is a bit of a joke, as Iran has no forward military operating ability. They have no ability to deploy outside of their borders. Firing missiles randomly into European countries does not really accomplish anything without the ability to project power. Furthermore, Iran has not fired an offensive salvo against any foreign enemy since somewhere in the 1100AD. What Russia knows, and most everyone outside the mainstream American public, is that the missile shield has the effect of partially neutralizing the Russian missile arsenal.

With the balance suddenly shifted against them, they have a few choices. One is to lay down and say "I give up". Highly unlikely. The other is to attempt to overcome the defensive system by numbers, which means they will have to increase their arsenals. In essence, the deployment of this missile shield is a complete violation of our own agreements with the Russians vis a vis the SALT/START and even SORT agreements. With that framework broken, there is nothing stopping Russia from arming up.

The glory days in the minds of many republicans is of course the cold war era, in my opinion mainly because of President Reagan. But forget not, Reagan's great contribution was victory in the cold war, not the sustenance of it. Noone wins by breaking our agreements and starting an arms race. Don't be fooled, Russia is not a third world country, they will arm up without hesitation if you provoke them. Having Russia as your ALLY is not a bad thing, you have been trained to look at them as your enemy, mostly because of Chuck Norris, etc.. but they are one of the best allies we can have. Especially in the UN Security Council.

Smarten up, stop trying to weaken this countries international clout and strength with this useless nonsense. I'm pleased to know that the State Department is manned by some very smart people, people who actually have an education. People who know that President Reagan blessed this country with something very unique and aren't about to give that up and embroil us in a new cold war.