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The american companys downsized. Now the merc's and bmw and other's will too. Wait. As soon as thay know what the u.s. is doing thay will match. It's economics! Merc and bmw were profit king's. There running out of money too.It will change soon. One or two suv's that's it. I'd rather drive a x5 for family car. Why a x6? It's just sporty. For who? Family is what I hear from you all, x5 with third row. X3 was a womens ride. Women are the first to down grade! I would trade my wifes care before my m3. She would without asking. When kids are involved. The suv was luxury stupidity. In europe thay were laughing at us with the cup holder's and the suv's! Reality hit. Bmw will clean up once it hit's a wall soon. The m3 was crushed because the thinking of suv's will save them. Wrong..X3's ar all over dealer lot's. It barely seat's 4. Get a 3 series with four wheel drive! Thay are on a tight rope. Porsche has ONE SUV.. SMART BUSINESS!!!