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Originally Posted by JohnnyRoaster View Post
I had the newer twin spring design and prefer the feel of the clutch without it. The first half of the travel felt very artificial to me with the spring in. I think I have a better feeling for when the clutch engages without the spring in place. I also just changed my pedals so that may be playing a part in the more direct response.
Same here, I've been struggling with the clutch on this car since I got it. Removing the spring (mine was also a twin) made it possible for me to feel the engagement point which has been a huge positive changed. I hated not being able to feel the engagement point and the minor increase in effort is hardly much of a price to pay for being able to drive the car so much better. I can launch much better now too.

That increased pressure at the top of the pedal you guys are talking about is the sweet spot where the engagement action happens. If you're used to pivoting your foot to control the clutch you'll find the absence of this feeling foreign and hard to predict, as I did.