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Originally Posted by footie View Post
The only reason I wanted back off the subject of the RS5 is because everyone sees me as pro-Audi and to continue discussing it when you thread was all about the next M3 only adds fuel to the fire.
Like me? True, I and others give you a hard time about this, but it is all about context.

Now if the RS5 final engine spec was officially confirmed then that's a different matter because it would have some kind of a bearing on the future M3, a product to gauge what it would be up against.
I expect there will be a nice big thread in the "vs." forum once RS5 specs break officially, and I expect lots of back-and-forth to go on there. Speaking of that, I am wondering when it will show up at an auto show. As early as a couple months ago, people were speculating Frankfurt and clearly it missed that one.

Originally Posted by BMWCadet View Post
Wrong. The SUV market is not gone and won't be for a long time. The giant gas guzzling behemoths will disappear in favor of more fuel efficient and enviroment friendly vehicles. People still need to be able to transport their families and minivans have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. That and at least in the south where I am, country boys love their vehicles to have a lot of room.
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