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Originally Posted by ScotyH View Post
What a crock. What's next? A maximum number of horsepower allowed on a vehicle?

I would be shocked if this bill was passed. I wonder why they wouldn't set the limiter to 110 kph. That is the fastest speed limit after all....
+1, why on earth are they targeting 150kmph? what an arbitrary number. there are cars on the road that are relatively safe at 150 (i.e our m3s) and there are cars (scarily enough,certified) on the road that are plain unsafe at 150 (i.e. smart cars, hyundai accent etc...)

if their idea is to enforce speed limits by limiting vehicle speed and taking safe decision making out of the driver's hands, why aren't they targeting the maximum allowable speed on the roadway for 100kmph (in ontario)

By setting the limit at 150, you're telling me that 150kmph is an "allowable speed"... hopefully the OPP feels the same way when I set my cruise control at 150kmph on the 401 the next time I drive to montreal (hypothetically)