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Good god! That's dangerous! Just think of it, in a passing situation you find yourself in a spot where you need to hit 165 to 175 KPH to keep yourself and others alive. No can do. Speed limiter! F'ing amazing!

But that aside, shouldn't this be called the "Create Unsafe Motoring Act"? By limiting what the driver can do you're setting up conditions that make motoring less safe. Not to mention what it does to those who want to enjoy the drag strip or the track.

I just hope the bozos elsewhere or here in the States don't latch on to this. I'm not sure this is a liberal/conservative thing though--there's plenty of idiots to go around. (We had a Conservative Republican down here who wanted us to go back to 55 MPH [90 KPH] on the highways just last year.) Stupid is stupid.

Maybe this MP should support legislation to keep stupid people from driving. That would keep him off the road at least.... I wish you the best of luck in blocking this ****weed's bill.