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I'm considering a class-action lawsuit against Umnitza seeing as there are many people short money or product from Umnitza and I continue to find even more stories of it. It'd be more beneficial for everyone doing a class-action rather than trying to have all individual settlements.

If you have been or do know of anyone who has been screwed over by Umnitza, send them this info and get in contact with me, PM me. I'll be meeting with a lawyer in Seattle, WA on Monday to discuss the idea of a class-action lawsuit as well as an individual settlement.

As of now, Umnitza has told me they refuse to continue talking over email and I told Umnitza that I'd be willing to discuss things over the phone only if I recorded the calls. They rejected that. Funny how they don't want to discuss anything where it can be kept on record! Also, people that have contacted Umnitza, have you noticed their little speech at the end of all emails? It says everything in the email is protected under a US law. Interesting that, with all the companies I've dealt with before, I can't remember any one of them stating that in their emails. And especially from a company that deals with selling lights for cars! I could maybe see it from a lawyer or some sort of high class legal company but not Umnitza. Just little signs to watch out for.