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Bimmerworks Meet & BBQ 9/19/09 West Chester, PA

Forgot to post this here!!

Hey guys, the shop I take my car to get worked on, Bimmerworks, will be having a huge meet/BBQ on Saturday September 19th.

The shop is located at:
721 East Nields Street
West Chester, PA, 19382

The meet will start at 2 o'clock and go til whenever.

The BBQ will be going at the meet and all food/drinks will be free of charge. There will be burgers, hot dogs, a popcorn machine, and a deep fryer for chicken.

Steve (BSaint) will be there filming as well for his new DVD.

The last 2 meets have each had well over 100 BMWs in attendance.

The rain date will be Sunday September 20th.


Special pricing on all Dinan parts the day of the meet (pricing to be disclosed soon).

Bimmerworks will be offering free labor installs on all Dinan software and you can have your software done the day of the meet.
(135's, 335's, and 535's will have to make an appointment to have the software done due to length of programming but software install is still free)
The software must be purchased on or before the meet for the free install.

All Dinan parts purchased on the day of the meet will get a 50% discount on install labor costs.

All e6x and e9x M5/M6/M3 Dinan stroker motors will get a $4500 discount on motor/labor costs at Bimmerworks if purchased that day.

Raffle tickets:
1($5) , 5($20)

Raffle Prizes:
Dinan Front Strut Bar for any BMW/Mini
$100 Dinan Gift Certificate
$250 Dinan Gift Certificate
$500 Dinan Gift Certificate

The drawings will be at the end of the meet. You do not have to be there to win, so if you leave early you will be notified you won. Also if you are not attending and wish to purchase tickets, PM me and we can set that up. The drawing will be videotaped and the video posted.

For every 200 tickets sold, a $500 Dinan gift certificate will be added to the prizes.

So keep this date open on your calendars for one of the best meets of the year!

Please add your name to this list!

Looks like its going to be an incredibly nice weekend for a meet! Supposed to be 70 and sunny on Saturday and nice on Friday too so everyone can get their rides all cleaned up!

List of attendees:
1. liilpa09- bf.c midatlantic
2. jgood325- bf.c midatlantic
3. Bsaint- bf.c midatlantic
4. multiplex- bf.c midatlantic
5. jhower08- bf.c midatlantic
6. fmcfad01- bf.c midatlantic
7. Bimmerzone- bf.c midatlantic
8. millerb 99323i- bf.c midatlantic
9. PorscheDude- bf.c midatlantic
10. MarylandDakarM3- bf.c midatlantic
11. AndrewBall- bf.c midatlantic
12.WCM3- bf.c midatlantic
13. Y2KMSC- bf.c midatlantic
14. DRIFTM42CANO - bf.c ny nj ct
15. sbblowz- bf.c ny nj ct
16. Z3speed4m3- bf.c ny nj ct
17. BobM3-Eurowerkz
18. Nelson-Eurowerkz
19. sirantsE90- e90post NY / NJ / CT / PA
20. jklein5525 - e90post NY / NJ / CT / PA
21. AW325xi- e90post NY / NJ / CT / PA
22. Craig@SupremePower- e90post NY / NJ / CT / PA
23. ultimateendz- e90post NY / NJ / CT / PA
24. PNF- e90post NY / NJ / CT / PA
25. Impulsed7- e46fanatics midatlantic
26. millerb- e46fanatics midatlantic
27. e30_from_philly- e30tech tri-state + CT
28.russiankid-bfc mid atlantic
29. jhstealth-bfc mid altantic
30. Battam3- m3forum mid atlantic
31. GhostM3JP-m3forum mid atlantic
32. M3Buzz - m3forum mid atlantic
33. Cruisinpsu-m3forum mid atlantic
34. dsm918-m3forum mid atlantic
35. BenjaminB-m3forum mid atlantic
36.TiAg-m3forum mid atlantic
37.TightM3-m3forum mid atlantic
38. Zoomz-m3forum mid atlantic
39. Kranoj-e90post NYNJCTPA
40. Benlite- e90post NYNJCTPA
41.///MThree-e90post NYNJCTPA
42.LuvMyRide-e90post NYNJCTPA
43.Gig103-e90post NYNJCTPA
48.Pit1-1addicts midatlantic
49.AlBel1214 -1Addicts
50.TehShewz- BF-MidAtlantic
51. 5mall5nail5-bfc midatlantic
52. AK545-Eurowerkz
53. BMW M3 S50-Eurowerkz
54. AKh23456-e90post NYNJCTPA
55. Gtrain-e90post NYNJCTPA
56. LostMarine-e90post NYNJCTPA
57. MikeVance- bfc NYNJCT
59. guidoler-1addicts NYNJCTPA
60. Calvinf1-e90post midatlantic
61. KFeez-bf.c mid atlantic
62. slitz-bf.c mid atlantic
63. drbimmer97- e46 mid atlantic
64. m3stunter-m3forum northeast
65. Xler8N///M3-m3forum mid atlantic
66. mkoneod-e30tech tristate + CT
67. volida328i-Eurowerkz
68. FivePops- bf.c mid atlantic
69. Salvia.D-bf.c mid atlantic
70. Bimmergurl10-bf.c mid atlantic
71. BMWBaller28-bf.c mid atlantic
72. Mstngcobr761-bf.c mid atlantic
73. AwesomeIsLuke-bf.c mid atlantic
74. AlwaysUnce-e46fanatics NYNJCT
75. Vodyk-M5board
76. ANedelka335i-e90post NYNJCTPA
77. Zuby887- M3forum mid atlantic
78. kmfurdm- M3forum mid atlantic
79. djstamma2004- bf.c mid atlantic
80. JetBlackM3- M3forum Northeast
81. HPF2M3- e46fanatics mid altantic
82. MikeyU3D200- M3Forum Mid atlantic
83. Satans Idol- M3forum Mid altantic
84. M3 8 U UP-M3forum mid atlantic
85. JBiddy- e90post NY NJCTPA
86. HOOPTEE30- e30tech Tristate + CT
87. Bimmermane30- bf.c NY NJ CT
88. Erinfaulk- bf.c mid atlantic
89. bubela- bf.c mid atlantic
90. GunnerNell-bf.c mid atlantic
91. Sockethead- bf.c mid atlantic
92. b1gmac88- e90 post ny nj ct pa
93. mlehman- m3forum mid atlantic

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