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Originally Posted by djben View Post
I think the crime thing depends on where you are in Miami.

I moved from the Tampa / Pinellas county area and there were plenty of rough spots. Hell, we had riots there a while back -- the only other US city to have major riots other than L.A. in my life time. Guns/gangs/violence were a problem in the public schools I went to. I bet the areas m3jlp mentioned under "Hialeah" (Liberty City, Miami Gardens, Overtown, etc) probably account for most of the high crime rate in Miami...

About 100K+ jobs -- most people my age I know here are lawyers and doctors who are north of that range along with people in IT (my field). I don't know anyone in real estate.
Thanks for the input. The other day I was reading about all the wheel companies in Miami ripping people off and it made me think about this thread...LOL.

I can see lawyers and doctors doing well in Miami with all the criminals to defend and plastic surgery to be done (or old folks that need treatment).

I'm a Principal Engineer/project manager in it IT but I've never really looked at salaries in that area; however, I don't see the industry being as stable as it is in DC/Northern Va.

However, I do have several buddies in my field that moved from Miami to DC/northern Va for many of the reasons that I had stated on my earlier posts.

I may just take advantage of the real-estate market and try to get into some property on or near the beach. That way I can vacation, enjoy the "good" Miami, and then return to Northern, Va.

The places that you mentioned above...Hialeah, Liberty City, Carol City, etc... have always been bad. I was almost car-jacked near liberty city once; purchasing a firearm in Miami is a sound investment IMO...LOL.

My grandmother still lives in Hialeah; she moved there when she came from Cuba in the early 60s.