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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post

I like your idea for a track package. How much do you think that would run? From what you listed, probably 10k or more! They could easily get the hp gain with a performance air filter and an ECU remap. The only thing I don't like in your track package is stereo delete...I can't live without one! Maybe a new cardboard lined bootlid too? EDC definitely belongs in this package. It is a pity that this will never happen though. BMW could have pulled this off with the M3 Edition, but they failed. I wonder if we'll ever see a track or competition package M3? Maybe in the last MY?

It would be nice to have an option for privacy glass (tint) in the USA, but not sure whether they could get away with that considering all of the different tint laws.

Also, homelink should be standard equipment. Most M3s have a garage, and this is a simple and easy feature.
I would say, $7000 for a manual, $10000 for the Track M-DCT would be in line with BMW pricing practices. EDC will not be included in this package, only a revised suspension with a 10mm drop and recalibrated shocks and bushings. A radio will be included, but it will be the Stereo system (6-speakers, no external amp). I would eliminate the rear speakers as well.

This should be a back to basics M3.