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Originally Posted by M3luvr View Post
Alarm, rear back up camera, leather and blue tooth should be standard. For this price range we should not be nickeled and dimed into paying extra for these items.
what's everyone's fixation on a rear-backup camera? is the car too big? PDC is more than adequate IMO, and having a rear-backup camera just seems like an unnecessary gizmo to me. its definitely cool, but it shouldn't be standard.

Originally Posted by Yervais View Post
Why do you guys want brembos? stopping distance from 60 is 100ft that is class leading... are brakes are fine... you just want brembos because they look cosmetically better...
+1...brakes could be better for track folks, but I think that the bigger issue is proper cooling. If brembos were going to be offered, it should definitely be an OPTION, not STANDARD. most people are never going to need them.

Originally Posted by Tio///M View Post
Its sad when a 2010 Mustang GT comes with a Rear keyhole (intergrated into the trunk lid spoiler) camera and displays on the rear view mirror.

PDC should have been standard when you check the M-DCT option

All M3s if you check the Smart Phone Int ( Hello you picked this option cause you have the iPhone) and USB/iPOd should come with the 3G craddle and 6FL Cable!!
again, what's with the obsession with the rear-view camera? i am also not following you on how PDC should be standard when DCT is selected. those have nothing to do with one another...???

agree that you should get an iPod cable standard if you select iPod integration.

a lot of good points in this thread. there are definitely two distinct groups, the purists and the "luxurists," but i think some of us are in between. i obviously don't want a totally stripped M3, but i don't want my M3 loaded down with a bunch of tech stuff that I don't need.

this is a bit OT, but my biggest complaint is with how the options are lumped into packages. i know that our overseas friends usually get to choose everything as standalone (which results in a much higher price tag), but it would be really nice to have more freedom for options here in the US. for example, it is a pity that you have to accept NAV in order to get is also stupid that you need the premium package to get folding mirrors and homelink and, in doing so, you now give up speed cloth seats. I guess BMW NA is trying to appeal to the common denominator, but some of the groupings just suck.