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Originally Posted by Tio///M View Post
Its sad when a 2010 Mustang GT comes with a Rear keyhole (intergrated into the trunk lid spoiler) camera and displays on the rear view mirror.

PDC should have been standard when you check the M-DCT option

All M3s if you check the Smart Phone Int ( Hello you picked this option cause you have the iPhone) and USB/iPOd should come with the 3G craddle and 6FL Cable!!
I myself am a luxury kinda guy. I got a convertible and i know im sacrificing putting on some weight on the car. But i also got an M3 because i know for a fact that even though its the convertible, i can still turn heads and race above standard cars.

but sometimes i feel that BMW doesn't really care about throwing these little freebies that make you extra extra happy...and honestly, i think loads of people care to have them.

In all the BMWs i owned i had to say "oh man i can't believe i gotta pay for this option and order it next time i pay a visit to the service center" you never seem to get that free extra even the 7 series. there is always a gadget that is not a standard when it really should be.
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