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Dear italy430,

umnitza has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - I will NEVER... EVER... buy from Umnitza again - in the Vendor Comments & Supporting Vendor Info presented by Dell forum of Bimmerforums - The Ultimate BMW Forum.

This thread is located at:

Here is the message that has just been posted:
All our emails are confidential and proprietary between us and the customer. Even despite this, the email stream only shows how big of an effort was made to meet all your demands: we never wavered from our professionalism in solving your issues.

Often, what ends up being lost in translation is the fact that the products you are/may purchase from either us or other vendors are invariably replicas of OE parts and/or custom built to order parts that take time to assemble. While we make every conceivable effort to ensure they meet the OE parts standards, some customers cannot be pleased.

One thing you need to be aware of is our return policy does not accept parts that have been installed (and used for over 4 months), however, we were of course willing to help you with the product problem you were experiencing.

There will be no refund offered for parts that were installed on your car however if you want to discuss this via phone only, we'll be happy to do so.

There may also be other replies, but you will not receive any more notifications until you visit the forum again.

All the best,
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it seems Umnitza's response somehow got deleted so I posted it back up with my response...

"Often, what ends up being lost in translation is the fact that the products you are/may purchase from either us or other vendors are invariably replicas of OE parts and/or custom built to order parts that take time to assemble." .... I don't believe there is anything lost in the translation whatsoever. You said that perfectly yet, like every response I seem to get from you, it NEVER directly answers my concerns about your company.

I will try and make this as clear and direct as possible so that I, as well as the ppl on this and other forums will be able to see that you really are trying to the best of your ability to assist your customers in their needs and concerns...... Please explain why I was shipped damaged ballasts. I do not need to hear that they aren't OEM parts and that you have other vendors that supply you. You advertised on your site a specific product that was "assumed" to be brand new and in perfect working condition and was advertised as being non-OEM. And "assumed" can be legally used from all the evidence I've documented so far. It is without a doubt that you are responsible for your final product that you provide the customer. I cannot imagine shipping a customer a clearly damaged product even if I had received the product, damaged, from my vendor.

A couple reasons I just ran over re-reading the email that shows that you DID NOT do your best to help (this is not a full representation of the problems or concerns I have with Umnitza):

1) I informed you that I had not received my clear film protectors for my headlights that I ordered at the same time. I sent the email on Jan 21, 2009 and to this date have still not received them. (You can add that to the refund amount.)

2) I asked you to provide me with a receipt showing that the value of the goods I was paying for was $0 for the replacement headlight you shipped so that I wouldn't have to pay Canada Customs twice for the same headlight. You did not provide me with any such receipt.

3) I should also point out that the interior LED lighting "kit" that I ordered and in the first part of the email said I wanted to return is because they didn't have enough bulbs in the "kit", the bulbs that they did have, most did not fit and/or had something wrong with the connectors and the "kit" I'm referring too is actually a small, worn out, clear plastic baggie with the lights just dumped in, rubbing against each other with no protection. Again, very misleading with your advertising. Umnitza, take a look at Bimmian, they know how to put a proper interior LED lighting "kit" together. And I didn't make a fuss about this to Umnitza. Umnitza also claimed this interior LED lighting kit has OEM fit and finish....

4) The turn signal lights that I ordered from Umnitza claim that they have OEM fit and finish. They DO NOT have OEM fit and finish! Again, I did not make a fuss about this.

5) The LED tail lights that I ordered also claim OEM fit and finish, no error messages, complete plug and play, 1 year warranty and no dealer reflash required. Perfect!!... if only it was actually true. They barely have OEM fit and finish, better than the turn signals and headlights tho, I have error messages that even the dealer couldn't put out, obviously not plug and play then, and speaking of the 1 year warranty I have a whole row of LED lights in my left tail light burnt out as well as a row in my left rear turn signal. Please ship me replacement bulbs. If you would like pictures or anything like that I can send you some.

6) Not only has every single product that I've purchased from Umnitza had multiple problems with it, Umnitza has had extremely poor customer service and I'm sure will all the above information I don't need to go into the false advertising on Umnitza's part or the fact that I'm extremely frustrated with this company. I'm sure anyone in my current situation would be as well. And then one of my xenon lights stopped working and after fiddling with it for about 1 hour I couldn't get it to work so I decided that was it and sent and email to Umnitza which they still have not replied to, and posted on the forums.

You state that you have a 4 month return policy and that you don't accept products that have been installed. You forgot to state in that policy what happens when you sell false advertised products. I have more than enough reasons to demand a refund and I will keep pursuing this.

If this whole issue is not resolved by September 28, 2009 I will take further action.

This reply will be posted to the other forum sites as well as emailing a copy of it to Umnitza. If Umnitza would like to contact me by phone they may do so and have my contact information. You may coordinate a time with me to talk on the phone by email.

Originally Posted by albert1028 View Post
My experiences with Umnitza was just okay. Owners seemed prideful and had a feeling of a used car salesman. So yea, stay away from Umnitza. I strongly believe that the way someone maintains his shop reflects what he's like...boxes all over the place...filers and folders not kept be the judge.
albert I have to agree with you. I haven't seen his shop but I'm definitely not surprised at what you said.