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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Great writeup buddy .
I just want to add I left the loosened pipe clamps in place until I had the muffler (at the rear) free from the car, and resting on the jack. That prevents the pipes from falling, since they only need 1/4" of rearward movement for that to happen. Everything else you did was the best way to do it IMO.
That's a great, loosen the clamps so you can lower the rear muffler about a foot so that it's brackets clear their mounting bolts. Then crawl back under, further loosen the pipe clamps and push them forward off of the joint of the two pipes...put some padding under where they'll drop if you're doing this alone, then go back to the jack/muffler and roll it backwards to separate the catback from the car.

Finally, I have a couple of suggestions. One is to file/sand the hanger 'stops' on the inside so the hangers can be removed easier and without damage.
I actually didn't have much problem pulling the hangers over the "stops" once i sprayed some silicone spray on them, but sure if you wanna take the time to file them off, you wouldn't even need any kind of lube spray.

The other is to jack up the car from the differential and insert the ramps, rather than driving the car up the ramps (more wear on the clutch, and there's always the danger of overshooting the ramps
Agreed. I wasn't sure where exactly to place the jack stands, so instead of guessing (never ends well), i just used the Rhino Ramps (which have large stops at the ends btw).