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Originally Posted by Daytona_John
If you're going to own one and only one Rolex, make it a 16610.
Hi John, I saw your Rolex site and found it very informative. I respect your passion and am seeking some unbiased advice. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I am in the market for my very first Rolex, and find your quote about the 16610 very interesting. Why do you say that 16610 is the one to get if you are going to own only one Rolex? How does it compare to the Cosmograph Daytona, which you refer to as your 'trophy watch'? From your website I would infer that the Daytona is your favorite and the one to get it you only had ONE Rolex. What is your advice for a newbie? Daytona or 16610? Also realistically, what should I expect to pay for each of these?

Thanks again.
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