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Reading through these post, particularly Lucid's you would be under the impression that MDM somehow is micro-managing your driving at the track. It's possible but I find it a bit hard to believe. I've ridden in the M3 when MDM clearly intervened and it sure feels to me when a given slip angle (moderate at least) is exceeded the system intervenes.

I've also driven the M3 in MDM mode (every time at the track) and I can't say that I feel anything. Now I've never driven with DSC off, but if MDM is really intervening it's really subtle.

If you believe the manual which would argue that it doesn't activate until you are in trouble then there is no micro or early intervention for MDM. It states, (page 76) under M Dynamic Mode, "Only at the absolute limit of stability does the system intervene to stabilize the vehicle by reducing engine power and applying the brakes on the wheels."

This sure does not sound like what folks are talking about here nor does it reflect my experience. Am I missing something?