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Originally Posted by BMW M Power Mexico View Post
Thank you as always.

I am attaching a pic of the cracks. They are not deep and I cannot feel a difference in the disc surface with my finger. Rotor depth seems to be ok, a lip is developing but not very deep yet though I have no way to measure exactly.

Having said that, I have had this rotors on the car since new and it has done 6 track days (1 street tires, 5 R-comps) of about 100-140 miles each (on HT-10s first then Pagids) and 6,000 street miles (on stock pads). I am pleasantly surprised at rotor/pad durability so far.

These pics are of my front rotors. I only use track pads on the front, I have found that the rears hold up fine with stock pads and I don't really feel any balance issues.
That rotor looks fine to me. The cracks seem small and localized. My rotor looked much worse when I had it replaced. I think you'll get another 4-5 track days on them. Of course, you should do what you think is safe. Just my 2 cents...