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Originally Posted by Nixon View Post
What is he hiding? It's called his private life. Which is private, and by definition, none of your fucking business, Mr. Scott.
Hmm... interesting.

Nixon, you must understand that it comes with the job, right? No President has ever had his private exploits be safe. There is always one side of the aisle slinging mud and digging for every shred of deceit or half-truth. Most politicians understand that when they choose to make it a career.

I don't see what good it does to post Scott's name. I know you're trying to draw parallels to the invasion of privacy, but anonymity on an internet forum is expected unless divulged by the user, while anonymity as President should not be. If Scott has volunteered this information directly elsewhere on this particular forum, then I apologize, but if not, then I think editing the post may be in order.