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Re: Megane R26.R & GT-R
Most any mag that has tested the R26.R raves about its subjective performance. For example, in Performance Car Magazine's COTY article, it placed 2nd overall, beating out the Scirocco, updated Aston Martin V8 Vantage, E90 M3, Evo X, and Caterham 7 CDX. 2 out of the 6 editors ranked it #1 on their list; the rest of the editors no lower than 4th.
Now, guess which car ranked #1 among the 4 other editors? That's right. The GT-R. The car which won Evo's COTY award*, Autocar's Best Driver's Car '08 award, AutoExpress's Performance COTY '08 award, and Car Magazine's COTY award. None of these were decided on lap times. Those who claim it's just a machine doing the driving have likely never driven one. Every single one of these mags (in addition to Drivers Republic, Randy Pobst in Motor Trend, and TopGear) have indicated it requires driver involvement and rewards accordingly.
*In that article, the R26.R beat all contenders in the "everyday" cars category, so was invited to compete against the super sports & GT's. It ranked 4th, behind the 997 GT2, but ahead of the Alfa 8C, Maserati GT, and updated Vantage.

Re: Integra Type R
(0.92g in a FWD car with only 195mm wide tires...)

So we have reviews from at least 3 continents raving about the ITR's driving experience. Chances are slim that they are all wrong.