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Engine Malfunction: Reduced Power...BIG PROBLEMS!!!

Hey guys, I see that one other person on the board recently had the same malfunction light come on. The problem is, mine was accompanied by a stumbling engine, and it just would not drive worth crap. The engine was REALLY running on reduced power. It was towed 40 miles to my local BMW dealership (my office is far away) and to this day, they still have not nailed the problem. The first part that they replaced was the VANOS solenoid, which did not fix the problem. They said there is about 15 difference error codes coming up, so they were hoping this would fix all of them. NOPE. It just so happened that the regional head of tech was by today to look at this, and he said that it looks like they may need to replace the entire VANOS assembly!!! They are going to have it for awhile, and at this point, no one knows exactly what is wrong, or what needs to be done to make the car usable again! This really blows my mind. It is like this car is so far advanced, BMW does not know how to fix it. I just thought I would share.

2008 M3 Sedan- Alpine White