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Originally Posted by isugoo View Post
Haha- there is a sticky in the thread!
You should look a bit more carefully, dude.

BMW service bulletin- SI B 00 04 08 -Maintenance and General Hints


Reminder for operations needed at the 1200 Mile Service:

Replace the engine oil and oil filter

Replace the transmission oil on the standard-equipment 6-speed manual unit.

Note: The optional M DCT Drivelogic transmission has a long-term rated oil DCTF-1, which requires no replacement unless specified for a repair.

Remove and clean the transmission filter on the standard-equipment 6-speed manual unit

Replace the differential oil

Repeat these maintenance operations at every 3rd Engine Oil Service.
What is the oil change interval? If less than 10K does changing the tranny and diff fluid every 3 oil changes seem excessive to anyone else?