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Originally Posted by lyndon_h View Post
instead of having a Corvette Z06 or Zr1 on the list, they have a VW GTI

this is exactly the point i was trying to make earlier - the definition of a "driver's car" may be quite subjective, and as such, i can see how some cars made the list and other did not. but under no circumstances could a VW GTI be more of a driver's car than either a Z06 or a ZR1. let's face it, some of the selections they got right, and some of them they got terribly wrong.

...then again, perhaps i shouldn't put it in terms of right and wrong...but i will say this - whoever takes a VW GTI for a spin, then hops into either a Z06 or ZR1 (or both), and then decides that the VW is more of a driver's car...well, he or she has a very skewed view of what a driver's car really is, regardless of how subjective its definition can be...not that EVO did exactly that - i'm just saying...