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Originally Posted by rotaz View Post
Good replacement seat options? Recommendations? Recaros?
Recaro or Sparco will do nicely. I sat in a car with a Sparco seat that was actually mounted to the stock frame. It still had most of the power adjustments working. It definitely felt much better and they guys said on the track you could feel the car much better due to less cushion thickness. He had a lumbar pillow in also from Sparco that made the seat much more comfortable.

Not to confuse you or anything, but just curious why you haven't considered a Caymen? I've spoken to quite a few instructors that run them and they are fantastic track cars. I had a standard Boxster for a little while and it felt very connected to the road and the handling manners were fantastic. For the price of used Caymen/S you could do a little work to it and it'd be an unbelievable track day weapon. Still, the Z06 will be faster without a doubt.
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