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Originally Posted by footie View Post
There is a lot more to making the critiria of a driver's car than simply being quick, handle great, etc, etc, etc.

Each car on this list is there for a number of reasons, maybe emotional, how it makes you feel while driving (i.e MX5) or simply for the way the thing does what it does (i.e.GTR).

I totally 'get it' with a lot on this list, though at the same time I can fully understand why so many of you are not.
IMO, i think some folks are just way too loose with their definition of a "driver's car." people make it out to be far more of a subjective concept than it really is. i feel you're simply conforming to EVO's definition of "driver's car," which, as someone has already pointed out, seems to define the cars on this list as "cool" cars, and not necessarily "driver's cars."

basically it boils down to the fact that you and i have different opinions on what the definition of a driver's car really is. but everyone's entitled to his or her own opinion.