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Originally Posted by DaveO View Post
Do you feel one iota of shame or humility in asking your president to show his birth certificate to you. Its off the wall rediculous. I understand its much easier for republicans to say this stuff because Obama is black and so what he can be disrespected I guess. Why is the same issue not being made about McCain and where he was born, maybee we should check everyone's passports as they enter their place of work everyday too. We all know you guys are upset that Obama is present, and you will eventually attempt to impeach him because you can't stand not to have things your way. But this is America, sometimes you get the present you want, sometimes you don't, but now that he is present you afford him some basic levels of respect. Trust me, I hated Bush for everything he did to my republican party, but I would never think to undermine him as an American or question that he was doing things that he thought would make this a better country for all of us as our president (even though I know he was dead wrong).
Very well said. It is blatant disrespect. These people wont ever stop. First it was the COLB, then it was grades, foreign trips, etc. It is none of our business to know every detail. Where does it say we have to know everything? The man studied constitutional law. Barack Obama know's exactly what is legal and what isnt.