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Originally Posted by bryanr View Post
Would any of the popular winter tires (e.g. LM-25 or LM-60 Blizzaks, Wintersports) be acceptable over the next two months for a daily driver?
In my opinion it will be fine. I had winter tires on my E46 well into the summer in the months prior to selling it simply because I knew I was going to get rid of it and did not want to spend money on new summer tires (mine were worn out). It handled and performed just fine.

Also, what tires would you recommend? 245/40R18 all around? 235 front and 255 back?
I have stock-sized winter tires, i.e. 245 front, 265 rear. I find it to be a great setup. For the (many) days when its not snowy, it basically performs identical to stock.
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