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Originally Posted by Prowess Symphony View Post
Nixon, please explain these two quotes you made. Thanks

1. "If you seriously do not know all the evidence put forth by Obama to this point, you certainly aren't worthy of debating that evidence."

2. "Because Obama has repeatedly released more and more evidence over and over. Way more than he was required by law."
Both statements are self-explanitory. You haven't looked into the issue any deeper than parroting some right-wing conspiracy nutters without further inspection, with no further research. With every repetitive post you make demanding I provide you with the exact facts that you should have already researched out yourself, instead of ACTUALLY DOING SOME RESEARCH, you just dig yourself deeper.

IF you truly are interested in knowing what evidence Obama has provided and made public, it is all out there to be found in very short order.

If you are truly interested, stop begging me to do for you what you can do for yourself with just the slightest of effort.

In reality, you aren't interested at all in the truth, you are just like Scott and you just want to use any issue you can possibly find to try and twist into a knot for the most damaging effect possible. So stop posting over and over, even going to the length to start a new thread when I don't answer you instantly, and go do your own homework instead.

If you don't know where to start, go find the FULL quote of the phone interview with Obama's granny and post it here. If you aren't willing to do such simple footwork, then I have no interest in having another shitpirate that I have to educate on every single topic and you will end up on my ignore list quicker than a right-wing reactionary oil-company-insider hack.

Why should I post more information, when you just ignored yet again the information I just posted? How exactly do you respond to the State of Hawaii having Obama's birth printed? Do you think it is a fraud? Do you think it was planted as part of a 50 year long conspiracy? How do you intend to discount it?