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My impression: Dinan vs. Powerchip tune

Hi guys, I figured I would tell my story... I drive an 08 e93 m3. absolutely LOVE IT. I promised myself I wouldnt touch this car but I couldnt resist. .. My first mod was the dinan tune which when I first got it I felt an improvement, not a large one but somewhere in the nieghborhood of pressing the M mode button vs regular. after driving on it for a bit I became less and less impressed with the perfomance and started to wonder if all it really did was further improve throttle response and maybe a few horsepower in the mid range... Then the other day I was trolling on here and saw powerchips was doing group buy tuning in NJ/NY. I contacted them to see if there was anything they could do for me.

long story short I was approaching getting re-tuned again seeing how dissatisfied I have become with the dinan tune. We traded a few PM's and this morning I was off to get one of their 'off the shelf' tunes. They reflashed my ecu and to be honest I was somewhat skeptical that I would see any gains over the dinan tune on a basically stock m3 (I have the afe air filter). The powerchip guys flashed my car and sent me on my way. I must say this tune breathed more life into my m3!!

the very first thing I noticed was smoother acceleration when at part throttle. Also I noticed more power from 2-4k. 4-6k felt about the same as my dinan tune. Then once I hit highway and romped on it this car screamed from 6-8k , it pulled harder than my dinan tune.

I am very pleased with the tune, and very much regret the dinan tune. I HIGHLY recommend powerchips to anyone looking to get a tune, even if your car is stock! and obviously im sure there will be even more gains depending on your mods. I apoligze for not dynoing but for what its worth my butt dyno notices a decent increase in power over dinan and stock. Considering this is a NA car I wasnt expecting a noticeable gain but I am very impressed with the results. Thanks again to Mike at powerchips and all the guys at Powerchips and Broadway Performance for their professionalism and their knowledge/expertise.

If anyone is interested in the tune contact Mike Benvo at

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