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First off, don't think about buying anything from Victory. If you want to go thru a specialist then work with Willhoit, Sloan, or Truspeed. If you don't trust me, do a search for Victory on Rennlist.

Second, the 930 is called the 'widow maker' for a reason. A short wheelbase with lots of oversteer combined with very significant turbo lag is a hair raising experience even for seasoned drivers. The 930 was the first car to give Porsche a series of product liability lawsuits from fatal accidents.

Instinctively let up even a tiny bit on the throttle as you break loose, and it's all over. And you don't want to drive this car in the wet, ever.

I'd say do yourself a favor and pick up a 993 Turbo. Safer, fast and precise, fun to drive, and a really good investment. And still hand-built and oil/air cooled. The last of the breed.

Just my opinion. Although it's based on long time ownership/experience with these cars. I've driven my mechanic's 930 many times, and you have to be on your toes. He rarely ever drives it (he drives in PCA club racing, but with 964s and 993s.)

That said, older P-cars make for an enjoyable relationship providing you have the time and can afford to maintain them. Even an oil change is labor intensive.

But the 930 is not exactly a daily driver, imho.