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Originally Posted by shpirate87 View Post
Although i hate to wade into this muck again, I will say that this issue reminds me a lot of the 9/11 'truth' movement and the 'Bush Lied - People Died' idiocy. Some people will never be satisfied no matter what evidence is produced so it makes no sense to argue with them.

Obama has no incentive to provide any more evidence than he has. The people who matter are satisfied, he is in office and will not be removed, and he has the luxury of being able to point to the nuts who don't believe he is an American citizen as his opponents on major issues.

If you do not agree with Obama's policies (God knows I don't), argue against them on the merits. Do not be seduced by the fantasy that he is not a legitimate president and all it will take is a single document to come to life and it will all be over.
I'll go on record as saying that I think he was probably born in Hawaii. But I have enough doubt that I would like to see definitive proof. I like seeing the argument. Obama has something to hide. I want to know what it is. I am more interested in much larger issues, but they are even less likely to go my way, and some of them are being discussed in a much bigger way already than the issue about the nature of Obama's birth.

I think that guy needs to be investigated on every front and every orifice. Be relentless. Mr. Obama is a liar and a fraud. He is simply a bad guy and one that is antithetical to much of my point of view on America.

If he won't produce the proof that is being requested, then I hope it takes as much of his focus as possible. I would rather see him accomplish nothing than to accomplish his stated objectives. He should go down in history as a total failure.
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