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A definite drawback are the seats. They are way too flat and give no support in hard corners. If you get an earlier car with the 1LZ package - no nav - it won't have side airbags and it's a snap to bolt in a race bucket.

The dimensions do take some getting used to. It is not a small car, but it doesn't weigh much for its size. Mine was 3132lbs. ('06 Z06 1LZ). This will take a little time, but not too long.

When you drive the car for the first time, just squeeze the throttle on in first gear till all the way down. If you just mash the throttle, massive tire spin will ensue and you won't get the full effect of acceleration. Also, remember when you get close the the rev limiter in 1st gear, you're doing 60mph!

If you do get one, get a Callaway shifter right away. The stock shifter isn't bad, but when you shift the car with the aftermarket one, you'll understand. The Corsa exhaust is fabulous too. No drone at all on the highway (actually very quiet at cruising speed), but will absolutely scream when you stand on the throttle.

You can see the ride height is lower on my car below. Easily adjusted from the factory.
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